Functor Reins.TreeSetIterator.Make

module Make: 
functor (T : Reins.Sets.Set_) -> S with type 'a elt = 'a T.elt_ and type 'a cursor = 'a T.cursor_ and type 'a collection = 'a T.set
Create an iterator for a Set (note that this implicitly supports both MonoSets and PolySets).
T : Reins.Sets.Set_

type ordering =
| PreOrder
| InOrder
| PostOrder (*A PreOrder traversal always visits the root of the tree before its children. An InOrder traversal visits one subtree, then the root, then the other subtree (which subtree is chosen by the direction_ type below). Finally, a PostOrder traversal visits the subtrees before visiting the root.*)

type direction_ =
| Ascending of ordering
| Descending of ordering (*An ascending direction traversal always visits the elements in increasing order of the keys. Similarly, the descending direction traversal visits elements in decreasing key order.*)
include Reins.Iterator.S