Module Reins.PatriciaSet

module PatriciaSet: sig .. end

Efficient sets of integers

Patricia trees are balanced binary search trees whose elements are integers. These trees can be very efficient since navigating the each tree uses only specific bits of the elements value. They have O(w) worst case running time for the mem, add, remove where w is the number of bits in an integer, but typically run in O(log n) time for most inputs. Because, Patricia trees never need to be re-balanced, union, inter, and diff can be much faster than ordinary balanced trees, but still may take O(n+m) in the worst case.

module MonoSet: Reins.Sets.MonoSetSig  with type elt = int
				 and type 'a result = 'a
This module implements sets with integer keys
module GenSet: Reins.Sets.GenSetSig  with type elt = int
			       and type 'a result = 'a
Same as the Reins.PatriciaSet.MonoSet module, except it also provides the gen function.