Functor Reins.AVLSet.AVL_PolySet

module AVL_PolySet: 
functor (HeightDiff : sig
val v : int
end) -> Reins.Sets.PolySetSigStd
This functor is similar to the Reins.AVLSet.PolySet module above, except it allows the user to specify the maximum difference between the heights of two subtrees at a node with HeightDiff.v. The choice of this value affects the amount of effort spent rebalancing the tree after it has been modified in exchange for the cost of locating a particular element in the tree. The modules Reins.AVLSet.PolySet1, Reins.AVLSet.PolySet2, and Reins.AVLSet.PolySet3 below instantiate this functor with the values 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Those modules are also defined in the same compilation unit as the implementation code, so the value of HeightDiff.v is inlined, increasing performance.
HeightDiff : sig val v : int end

type 'a t 
type 'a cursor 
type ('a, 'b) result 
include Reins.Sets.Set_
val to_string : ('a -> string) -> 'a set -> string