O'Caml Reins

Welcome to the home page for the O'Caml Reins persistent data structure library. This project began as an OCaml Summer Project sponsored by Jane St. Capital and is now continuing on here at sourceforge. Since it is my goal to include as many data structures as possible in this library, I am always looking for contributions from others. Even if you don't have time to contribute code, but know of a data structure that you would like to see included, please let us know by sending a message to the mailing list. In addition to providing a large collection of data structures, the O'Caml Reins project also includes several features that I hope will make developing O'Caml applications easier such as a random testing framework and a collection of "standard" modules.

Current features

Coming features

There are several features that were not quite ready for this release but are in the works:

More Information

Check out the sourceforce project page for access to svn, bug tracker, etc...
There is also a mailing list setup.
You can also browse the ocamldoc API pages available here

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